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Salt Cave Halotherapy

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Salt Cave Halotherapy

Salt Cave Halotherapy is a drug-free, completely natural therapy with no proven side-effects and is suitable for all ages from 6 months and up (under 6 months old infants under parents’ personal approval consent needed).

The intentional purpose of our Salt Cave Halotherapy is to clear your lungs of toxins or viral infections. The respiratory track is refreshed during the process. During Salt Cave Halotherapy session(s) client breaths in and absorbs through exposed lesions of the body with fine salt aerosols. Clinical studies have shown that people having session(s) of Salt Cave Halotherapy get relief from a variety of underline respiratory conditions (Cough, Cold, Hay Fever, Allergies, Bronchitis, ENT, Sinuses, Headache etc.), varieties of skin conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis etc.), Sleep Disorder / Anxiety / Depression related to respiratory disorder, Immunocompromise and other associated respiratory & skin conditions once the salt aerosols are absorbed in the lungs and contact area.

Absolute contraindications for Salt Cave Halotherapy are:

  • Pregnant female (can induce high blood pressure and miscarriage).
  • High grade fever of unknown origin (not sure for septic cause) and unstable medical condition (not sure for underline cause).
  • Coughing out blood (not sure of origin).
  • Tuberculosis of any origin (avoid cause of cross contamination).
  • Big open lacerated wound (can agitate and cause serious discomfort).

Booking requirement:

Booking is essential subject to availability. For booking confirmation please provide needful information to supplier or booking tool. 24-hour cancellation or re booking policy apples. For voucher client(s) failure to do so, voucher is forfeited. Same day cancellation or no show is not entertained unless by law. For this service(s) minimum number client(s) can be booked is 1 and maximum is 6.

Your requirement(s) for the session(s):

Please come relaxed with comfortable clothing. Please come 5 – 10 minutes prior to your booked time.

Instruction to be followed for your session(s):

Wear comfortable clothing when you come to the centre. Encourage to do some breathing technique for good results. The salt air will not harm your clothing, nor will it leave a noticeable residue. You will be given time to change before you go for your Salt Cave Halotherapy. Protective wear like head cap & shoe covers are available and will be provided for you to wear before you enter the Salt Cave. We can accommodate a maximum of 6 clients in the Salt Cave for Salt Cave Halotherapy at one time. You can book for your 6-member group or can be single yourself or with other client during session. We request that you avoid wearing scented body lotion or perfume before or during the therapy, as some of our clients may have some form of allergy. We also request that you are mindful of others in the therapy room and always cover your mouth and nose if coughing or sneezing. Please avoid being very loud and please do not bring your mobile phones into the therapy room. The mobile phones should be placed on silent mode in your bags if you wish. We don’t have locker systems available; therefore your personal and valuable belongings are your responsibility. Please make arrangements for them accordingly. No eating or drinking is allowed inside the therapy room. We play standard, soothing music for during the Salt Cave Halotherapy. You are welcome to bring your own music to enjoy using your headsets.

Charges for Salt Cave Halotherapy:

Retail price per person per session for Pre – Salt Cave Halotherapy Consultation: $40.00 [Usually free if you have booked for Salt Cave Halotherapy with us. Please come 5 – 10 minutes prior to your booked time.]

Retail price per person per session for Salt Cave Halotherapy: $60.00 [Involves Pre – Salt Cave Halotherapy Consultation. Time inside Salt Cave for Salt Cave Halotherapy 45 minutes per session. Please come 5 – 10 minutes prior to your booked time.]

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Opening Hours:

We are open: 10 am- 7 pm: Mondays to Sundays (Including Public Holidays).


We are based at: 11 / 326 Sunset Road, Windsor Park, North Shore, Auckland 0632, New Zealand.

There is availability of onsite as well as off street parking for our clients.

Contact us:

Phone: (+64) 9-3907886

Mobile: (+64) 220608886



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Enrolment form

Click on the link below to download the enrolment form. Please download the form, read the information on it and bring it with you when you come for your session. You can sign it but if you have any questions we are happy to answer it for you before you sign it. Alternatively you can get the form at the centre and you can complete it before your session.