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Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy

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Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy

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Our centre Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre provides Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy services. Most of structures at our Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre have been made from Himalayan salt rock blocks. All of the Himalayan salt rock that we use has been retrieved from the world’s best organic Himalayan salt caves. You will get benefits of the Himalayan rock salt by having any sessions in our premises. The Himalayan rock salt attracts positive ions from you and gives or replaces negative ions. Our staff has been trained and is highly competent in Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy.

Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy-what does this involve?

Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy involves working and acting on the body with pressure. The pressure can be applied manually or with mechanical aids.

Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy can be performed with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy devices. Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy can promote relaxation and well-being, can be a recreational activity, and can be sexual in nature. Please note that we do not provide any sexual or erotic Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy so please be respectful when you visit us.

Archaeological evidence of Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy has been found in many ancient civilizations including China, India, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Mesopotamia.

We provide the following types of Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy services at our centre:

Relaxation Massage:

Why should I have Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation Massage is often recommended for stress management and to help you maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing.

How does Relaxation Massage work?

Relaxation Massage is a series of long smooth circular motions, with either the palm of the hand or the finger tips. Through these repetitive movements it lulls your muscles into relaxed state.

Head Massage : ON REQUEST!!!!! 

Head Massage is a particularly health benefit amazing experience. Apart from reliving general stress Head Massage is also good for insomnia, fatigue, headaches, sinusitis, and migraines. At the end of Head Massage session most people will be surprised to be relived of these issues including relief of built tension and improvement of blood flow throughout the entire scalp. You might like to try Head Massage of its own or can combine with our other Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy’s services like Relaxation Massage or Facial Pampering or Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage or Post-Natal Massage or Deep Tissue Massage etc.

Facial Pampering Deal: ON REQUEST!!!!! 

Express Facial (Includes cleansing, scrub, mask, moisturising) + Facial Massage (Also includes head, décolletage area and hand massage). A beautiful treat for you or your loved one! A great gift to someone special.

Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage: ON REQUEST!!!!! 

Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage is massage specially designed to tailor expecting mothers. This Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage can relieve stress, ease aching muscles and leaves you feel pampered and relaxed for expecting mothers. Expecting mother’s body is positioned properly and supported during massage, ensuring comfort and care for both the mother and the baby.

Benefits of Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage:

Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage can be usually focus on a specific problem for expecting mothers such as: reduces stress, decreases swelling in arms and legs, relieve aches in muscles and joints, relieves back pain, comforting and provides emotional support, reduces anxiety and depression.

Precautions of Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage:

Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage is absolute not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy for expecting mothers because of increased risk for miscarriage in the first 12 weeks of gestation, and expecting mothers with certain health conditions cannot have Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage (categorised as high risk pregnancy category or have previously premature labour, pregnancy induced Hypertension, have pre-eclampsia, or sudden swelling with retention of fluid, experience severe headaches.), so it’s better to have doctor’s consultation regarding having Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage for expecting mothers.

Post-Natal Massage: ON REQUEST!!!!! 

Post-Natal Massage is the massage given to the mom after delivery more for pampered and relaxed.

Benefits of Post-Natal Massage:

Post-Natal Massage can usually focus on a specific problem, such as: to ease sore spots and relax muscle tension, increase the flow of blood and oxygen to your muscles and reduces toxins, you feel relaxed, speed up recovery from caesarean section if you have had one for your delivery, improving wellbeing and immunity, you cope with baby blues and depression.

Deep Tissue Massage: ON REQUEST!!!!! 

Deep Tissue Massage is a type of massage therapy using deep, slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia of selected part of body. This massage is used for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness and sore shoulders not eased by other means.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage usually focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation, and the following conditions like: low back pain, limited mobility, recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls), repetitive strain injury such as carpel tunnel syndrome, postural problems, muscle tension, osteoarthritis pain, sciatica, sports concerns, piriformis syndrome, tennis elbow, fibromyalgia, upper back or neck pain. By end of session of Deep Tissue Massage your pain & aches issues will be minimised or vanished.

Precautions for Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage may not be safe for people with following conditions: blood clots, people who had undergone recent surgery / chemotherapy / radiation or other medical procedures should have check with doctor, people with osteoporosis should avoid this massage, massage should not be done on bruises, inflamed or infected skin, skin rashes, open wounds, hernia, fragile or recent fractures. Please consult with your doctor in need any advice or clearance.

Possible side effects of Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage may result in bruising, venous thromboembolism, spinal accessory neuropathy, hepatic hematoma and posterior interosseous syndrome. These side effects are rare but can occur in rare cases, but we try all our best to avoid such issues.

Indications for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy:

The definition of an indication for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy is literally, a reason to provide someone with a Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy, or as a condition that Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy may be able to influence positively. For example, a reason to recommend massage would be if they had pain or tension in a part of their body.

The list of indications for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy is extensive, as you would imagine, but here are some common ones to help you to understand the principle:

  • Muscle soreness.
  • Muscle stiffness.
  • Decreased range of motion.
  • To slow progression of disease ( i.e. Parkinson’s).
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Rehabilitation after injury/surgery.
  • Frozen Shoulder.
  • Headaches/Migraines.
  • Edema / Swelling.
  • To increase circulation.
  • To decrease muscle atrophy/weakness.
  • Chronic Bronchitis.
  • Temporo-mandibular Syndrome/TMJ.
  • Spastic/Flacid paralysis.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Pain management.
  • Stress relief.

Contraindications for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy:

The definition of a contraindication for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy is a reason not to provide someone with a Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy. A contraindication is something that Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy may interact with negatively, for example a fever or severe pain. There is a long list of contraindications for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy. Put simply, if a patient presents with an absolute contraindication, under no circumstances should a Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy be performed.

For example:

  • Contagious diseases.
  • Severe pain.
  • Kidney disease.
  • A history of thrombosis.

These are all considered absolute contraindications for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy. It’s not all black and white though.

There are varying degrees of indications and contraindications. Contraindications may be further defined as relative or absolute, general or regional. What’s more, they can be a combination of these. Let’s look at the main categories.

Absolute contraindications:

When something is considered an absolute contraindication, it means that the client should not be given a massage in that particular area no matter what the circumstances. For example, if someone had DVT (deep vein thrombosis) under no circumstances should the lower calf muscles be massaged.

Relative contraindication:

When there is a level of caution or danger associated with a Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy treatment, it is called a relative contraindication. With a relative contraindication, the Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy may be performed, but simply modified to ensure the safety of the indicated area. This is typical where there has been a recent injury, or where there has been surgery. In these cases, a particular Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy treatment may be beneficial so long as it is performed by a knowledgeable and experienced Massage Beauty & Spa Therapist who knows how to avoid damaging the delicate tissues.

General contraindications:

When a contraindication affects the entire body, it is known as a general contraindication.

Local contraindication:

If the contraindication affects only a localised area of the body is known as a local contraindication.

Combined contraindications:

This term sounds a little trickier than it is, but simply, a condition may be any combination of local or general, and relative or absolute. For example, Deep Vein Thrombosis is both local and absolute and an acute injury to the biceps insertion would be both relative and local.

If you want to have a massage and you have informed us that you have some type of contraindication, it’s a good idea for you to obtain medical approval from your doctor or physiotherapist before booking a massage therapy session.

Depending on the condition, we may be able to assist with the medical approval before commencement of the treatment. This is a sensible rule that covers both us and you-the patient. No matter what the condition is however, it is essential that we are always informed before the Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy treatment commences.

What do I wear for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy treatment?

Wear comfortable clothing when you come to the centre. You will be given time to change before you go for treatment. Only inner garments are worn and the area which does not require Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy treatment will be covered. To get the best results for your treatment, it is recommended not to shower for at least 2 hours after your treatment. Shower facility is available at the centre; you are more than welcome to use it if you wish. We can provide towel & toiletries on request but you are more than welcome to bring your own.

Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy charges:

  • Single person Relaxation Massage: $100 per session. (Total time of consultation & massage is 60 minutes).
  • Single person Head Massage Deal: $60 per session, 30 minutes.
  • Single person Facial Pampering Deal: $100 per session, 60 minutes. (On SPECIAL for limited time only for $80 per session/person).
  • Pre-Natal OR Pregnancy Massage: $100 per session, 60 minutes. (On SPECIAL for limited time only for $80 per session/person).
  • Post-Natal Massage: $100 per session, 60 minutes. (On SPECIAL for limited time only for $80 per session/person).
  • Deep Tissue Massage: $100 per session, 60 minutes. (On SPECIAL for limited time only for $80 per session/person).

Divider can be used in room if single client is book to accommodate another client for Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy.

Booking for “Massage Beauty & Spa Therapy” please do online by pressing “Book Appointment” then press “Book Class”. If no slot available contact us and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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