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Healthy Me & Add-On

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Our Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre is able to offer you health rejuvenation and maintain your well-being. Most of structures at our Salt Cave Halotherapy & Wellness Centre have been made from Himalayan salt rock blocks. All of the Himalayan salt rock that we use has been retrieved from the world’s best organic Himalayan salt caves. You will get benefits of the Himalayan rock salt by having any sessions in our premises. The Himalayan rock salt attracts positive ions from you and gives or replaces negative ions.

Apart from a wide range of products and services, we are offering to work with you on your journey of achieving a “Healthy Me & Add-On”. In this section, you will find a list of “Healthy Me” & “Add-On” services that may be beneficial for your  better well-being and supplementary care.

Zen Chi 

Zen Chi is the completely effortless way to keep fit, increase your metabolism, reduce you back pain and gently detoxify your body every single day. It is also known as the Zen Chi Relaxerciser, gives you control over your own health and wellbeing. In as little as 15 minutes on the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager, you can gain the benefits of walking 1.5 km, with absolutely no effort, it really is amazing.

Below guide gives you 10 tips to getting the BEST RESULTS from you Zen Chi to help with a vast array of health conditions such as: trouble losing weight, chronic back, neck or shoulder pain, lymphoedema, fluid retention, menstrual pain, low energy, sleep problems, stress and anxiety among many, many others.

What is Zen Chi ?

The concept of the Zen Chi was originally developed in Japan when the gentle, rhythmic sway of the spine of a swimming fish was observed. It was this gentle, sideways, swinging motion, referred to as the ‘Goldfish Exercise‘, that was studied extensively for its positive effect on the human body, particularly the spine, and lead to the development of the Zen Chi Relaxerciser. It is a small, portable machine weighing 7kg with a handle for easy manouvering from room to room and a foot rest that swings gently from side to side.

How Does It Work?                                                               

The gentle swaying motion of the feet and ankles reverberates gently up the spine in a natural, no impact motion. This motion actually gently stretches and ‘opens’ the spine and individual vertebrae, relieving the compression that can occur within the spinal column.

The spine can become compressed from many of our daily activities such as standing, sitting at a desk, driving a car, gardening or exercising. The muscles can also become tight from these movements and cause the spine to be pulled out of alignment. These two factors can cause a lot of pain and tightness in the back and neck.

Headaches and sciatica (a pinched nerve in the lower back with pain running down the leg) can be end products of this built up tension. The swaying motion of the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager gently rocks the spine from side to side and allows the muscles either side of the spine to relax, which naturally re-aligns the spine as well as relieving stress and tension in the back and neck.

Regular use of the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager stimulates blood and lymph circulation and abdominal peristalsis (contraction of digestive tract muscles) and can thereby help to detoxify the body, deliver blood to the extremeties and boost sluggish metabolism and digestion.

11 TIPS for getting great results from your Zen Chi Aerobic Massager!

  1. Drink a 200ml glass of luke warm water before and after exercising. This helps to hydrate the body to encourage detoxification and improve digestions and metabolism. To further enhance this detoxification and for good digestion and skin complexion, add the juice of 1/2 a fresh lemon squeezed in to the first glass of water.
  2. Use the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager twice per day for 15 minutes each time. This will give you maximum benefits from the machine to keep your circulation and metabolism boosted and your spine well aligned. The best times of day to use the Zen Chi are first thing in the morning and last thing at night before bed.
  3. Use the time on the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager for relaxation. This is a great time to practice some deep breathing, meditation, listen to a relaxing music or just clear your mind and let all the worries of the day melt away. This process is very important to deal with the stress and tension of everyday life, but also to help the body function at its best and release fat stores to help you lose weight!
  4. Burn aromatherapy oils whilst on the Zen Chi Relaxerciser. Aromatherapy is a beautiful way to enhance relaxation by using: lavender, chamomile, jasmine or marjoram. If you suffer from insomnia, try: cedarwood, cypress, neroli, lavender or sandalwood. For extra energy in the morning and relief from mental fatigue try: basil, juniper, pine, rosemary, clary sage or thyme.
  5. Make sure your feet are comfortable on the footrest. Your feet should be resting past the foot rest with the lower part of your leg above the ankle on the footrest. This allows your feet to swing freely and ensures your ankles do not knock on the side of the machine.
  6. Make sure you head is comfortable. We recommend you do not use a pillow under your head whilst using the Zen Chi Relaxerciser as this can reduce the movement of your head and neck side to side, which is important for re-aligning the neck and upper back. If lying flat on the floor with nothing under your head is uncomfortable for you, you could try a folded-up hand towel, a mouse pad or a very flat cushion.
  7. Make sure you are warm whilst on the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager. you should not be exposed to any draughts or directly near a fan or air-conditioning vent. You should also keep yourself covered with a light blanket so that you do not get cold. Wearing socks and comfortable clothing will also help your relaxation and detoxification processes.
  8. Timing: If you have a severe injury or medical condition you should seek the advice of a medical professional before using the Zen Chi Aerobic Massager. If you are unsure of how your body will respond to the Zen Chi or have any pre-existing injuries or conditions, it is best that you begin with just 2-3 minutes on the machine at any one time. If you feel ok with the movement of the machine, increase the time by 1 minute every time you use it, until you reach the maximum recommended time of 15 minutes per session.
  9. Use all 4 arm positions in each session. The arm positions are:Relaxed by your sides: Best for relaxation and stress relief. It also allows the most blood to be circulated throughout the body, especially to the limbs. Use this position for insomnia and mood-balancing too. Arms straight out to the sides in line with your shoulders: This position release muscle tension between the shoulders and neck. It also assists with re-alignment of the spine in the upper back and neck area. Hands placed behind the head: Best for headaches, migraines and lower back soreness. When used with deep breathing techniques, this position is also useful for people suffering from emphysema or asthma. Arms straight and above your head: Recommended for weight loss and toning the stomach. This position can also help those with digestive and constipation issues.
  10. Use the time after the Zen Chi Relaxerciser session to stretch you whole body. Stretching tight muscles and keeping the body flexible and supple is a vital part of overall health and wellbeing. Regular stretching can help reduce lower back pain and sciatica, relieve upper back tension, help headaches and increase circulation to the hands and feet. Just put aside 10 minutes after your session to stretch every part of your body gently and carefully to release tight muscles.
  11. Use a wheat bag in conjunction with your Zen Chi Aerobic Massager sessions. A wheat bag can be heated in the microwave for around 2 minutes and placed on areas on pain and tightness. The heat from the wheat bag encourages blood flow to the area which relaxes tight muscles and heat also helps to reduce pain. You can leave the wheat bag on a painful area such as your lower back, shoulder or neck for up to 15 minutes and then use the Zen Chi Relaxerciser afterwards to get even further results. Try it, it really works!

Who Can Use The Zen Chi Aerobic Massager?                                    

The Zen Chi Relaxerciser is so gentle it is suitable for:

Men and women of any age, size or fitness level.

Children to use with adult supervision.

Elderly people who need their vital 30 minutes of exercise every day.


Pregnant women, patients with a serious heart disease and persons experiencing a recent operation or a bone fracture SHOULD NOT use the Zen Chi Relaxerciser.

People who experience nausea or severe motion sickness should be cautious using the machine.

Children should use only under adult supervision.

Do not use immediately after eating.

Do not use under the influence of alcohol.

Stop exercise immediately if feeling dizzy or uncomfortable.

Do not twist your body whilst the Zen Chi Relaxerciser is in use.

Do not move the Zen Chi while in use.

CAUTION: Do not use machine 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals. Maximum 15 min Zen Chi recommended, if experiencing discomfort discontinue use immediately. Not recommended to use during pregnancy, high grade fever or any septic foci, unsettled medical conditions. Underage legal parent or guardian authority required.

One session of Zen Chi [15 minutes session x 1] – $45 per session = $45.


Back2Life “The 12 Minute Back Pain Solution” is a therapeutic machine for those experiencing chronic back pain, whether general or as a result of conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, or back spasms. Back2Life safely, comfortably, and gradually helps to increase flexibility in your back muscles to properly align the vertebrae for long-lasting back pain relief.

Back2Life provides a simple, relaxing solution for upper, middle, and lower back pain. Back2Life uses a revolutionary rehabilitation technique called Continuous Passive Motion to gently loosen tight muscles and release built-up pressure between the vertebrae. This automatically provides upper, middle, and lower back exercises that naturally ease back pain.

No more painful back exercises! No more agonizing back stretches! Just lie back for 12 minutes, twice a day and let the machine’s Continuous Passive Motion do all the work!

  • Gently Aligns the Spine.
  • Safely Releases Pressure and Tension.
  • Relieves Back Pain.

What is Back2Life?

Back2Life is a therapeutic machine for those experiencing chronic back pain, whether general or as a result of conditions like sciatica, bulging discs, or back spasms. Comfortable, safe, and gradual in its approach, Back2Life uses a method called Continuous Passive Motion to gently release pressure between the vertebrae, loosen tight back muscles, and realign the spine, relieving not just the pain – a symptom of physical problems in the back – but the problems themselves.

How does Back2Life work?

Back2Life uses a technique called Continuous Passive Motion to automatically move your lower body in a slow, rhythmic oval pattern, engaging upper, middle, and lower back exercises without any physical exertion. This motion gently releases pressure between the vertebrae, loosens tight back muscles, and realigns the spine, addressing and relieving some of the most common root causes of pain in the lower back without adding stress or strain to your body.

We recommend starting your Back2Life regimen with two 12-minute sessions per day. If your back pain is severe and your body responds well to the initial twice-daily routine, feel free to add more Back2Life sessions into your day. We encourage you to stay consistent with your Back2Life usage. Results are gradual and cumulative, so the longer you use the machine, the more relief you will feel.

How can I tell if it’s working?

Back2Life is designed to work gently and gradually, so while some may feel relief after the first session or two, most – especially those with severe pain – shouldn’t expect overnight results. The pain in your back most likely accumulated and intensified over months or years, so undoing it will also take some time. Stick with it and be patient; we are confident that continued use of Back2Life will provide effective, long-lasting back pain relief.

How long will it take to feel results?

The speed of your recovery depends on the severity of your back pain. While some may notice immediate results, it generally takes a few weeks of consistent treatment to start feeling relief. For severe cases, it might take even longer.

Like Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, Back2Life takes a gradual approach to treat the underlying causes of back pain. Though it may take time and patience, the results last far longer, treating the root causes of the pain and not just the pain itself.

Was Back2Life examined under research conditions? What do Orthopedic Surgeons and Physiotherapists say about Back2Life?

Back2Life underwent clinical research in medical institutions and was tried on hundreds of users before being released to the public. Back2Life has won the support of senior orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapists in the US and around the world. They recommend daily sessions for relief of pain, to restore mobility and improve the quality of life for sufferers of back pain. For specific insights from physicians and physical therapists, see what the experts are saying.

Is Back2Life safe?

Back2Life is completely safe to use. Back2Life has undergone extensive testing by experts in the field and is endorsed by leading orthopedists and back pain specialists. Back2Life is used by professional back pain specialists as part of an ongoing treatment program for back discomfort, as well as conditions like sciatica, slipped disc, and back spasms.

How often should I use Back2Life?

We recommend you start by using Back2Life twice a day – one morning session and one evening session – for optimal results. However, you should plan your Back2Life sessions according to the intensity and timing of your pain. You might find that one daily session in the morning might be sufficient to keep you free of back pain throughout the day, or you might prefer to use Back2Life as a relaxing treatment before going to sleep. For severe pain, you can use Back2Life a number of times during the day.

How long does a Back2Life session last?

Each Back2Life session lasts 12 minutes. The machine will shut off automatically at the end of the session.

Is it harmful to use Back2Life if you don’t have back pain?

Not at all! Back2Life can be used daily as part of an overall healthcare maintenance program. The gentle, rhythmic movement of Back2Life is also very relaxing and can help with general stress relief.

Can I use Back2Life while undergoing physiotherapy?

Yes, Back2Life is an excellent complement to traditional physiotherapy. In fact, many physiotherapists use Back2Life in their practice.

Should I check with my physician before using Back2Life?

As with any treatment or exercise plan, we recommend that you consult with your physician if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition to see if Back2Life can fit into your overall treatment. Please see a doctor before using Back2Life:

  • If you suffer from back pain with evidence of underlying disease or abnormalities.
  • If your back pain is induced by a recognized, suspected, or impending fracture.
  • If you have impaired blood supply to the lower extremities.
  • If you suffer from lesions compromising the skin over your back, pelvis or area behind your knees.

Is there a weight limit for using Back2Life?

The weight limit for Back2Life is 300 lbs. If you are over 300 lbs, Back2Life is still safe to use, but we recommend using ankle weights to maximize results.

Who should NOT use Back2Life?

Do not use Back2Life:

  • If you have undergone back surgery, including spinal fusion, in the last year.
  • If you have undergone thigh surgery in the last six months.
  • If you suffer from grade 2 or higher Listhesis (spinal misalignment).
  • In cases where there is central pressure on the spinal cord with the following symptoms: poor balance, urinary problems, numbness in both legs.
  • If you are pregnant.

CAUTION: Do not use machine 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals. Maximum 12 min Back2Life recommended, if experiencing discomfort discontinue use immediately. Not recommended to use during pregnancy, high grade fever or any septic foci, unsettled medical conditions. Underage legal parent or guardian authority required.

One session of Back2Life [12 minutes session x 1] – $45 per session = $45.

Shiatsu Electric Vibrating Infrared Kneading Hammer Pillow 

The latest type Cervical Massage Pillow with its far infrared heating function can enhance the blood circulation away from the cervical vertebra disease, take care of your health. Helps you to release pain in aching muscles and makes you feel comfortable again.


  • Accelerate muscle recovery.
  • Alleviate muscle pain.
  • Reduce heart rate.
  • Increase flexibility.
  • Improve circulation.
  • Promote better sleep.

How to use:

  1. Press the button (on/off) for the first time, the product is automatically into the massage and heating function that they could automatically change mode per minute.
  2. Press the second time, turn off the heating function.
  3. Press the third time to re-open the heating function.
  4. Press 3 seconds to close the massager.
  5. Press the button(speed) to adjust the speed, there are 3 speeds.

CAUTION: Do not use machine 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals. Recommended time for session 15 minutes, if experiencing discomfort discontinue use immediately. Not recommended to use during pregnancy, high grade fever or any septic foci, unsettled medical conditions. Underage legal parent or guardian authority required.

One session of Shiatsu Electric Vibrating Infrared Kneading Hammer Pillow [15 minutes session x 1] – $45 per session = $45.

Shiatsu Deluxe Leg & Foot Massager 

This Foot Reflexology Massager helps relieve the aches and pains in your feet and legs after a long hard day. Featuring adjustable deep kneading to reach all of the pressure points on the bottom of the foot- this machine promotes healthy blood circulation while helping muscles relax. Perfect for helping your entire body relax; choose from 4 massage programs to help ease pain in the back and spinal and help improve circulation to internal organs. Forget expensive shiatsu massages and gain overall general health with this personal foot massager.


  • Choose Reflexology Program According to Your Ailment.
  • Easily Adjust Speed and Pressure Settings to Your Liking.
  • Dual Pedals Give a 3 To 5 Times More Effective Reflexology Massage.
  • Unique Design Aligns With Pressure S Points On The Of Human Foot.

4 Automatic Programs and a Personalised Program:

Program 1: General Massage

Program 2: Massage Focuses on Alignment; Head, Spine, Back Etc.

Program 3: Massage Focuses on the Digestive System; Intestines, Stomach, Liver Etc.

Program 4: Massage Focuses on Legs, Reproductive and Urinary System

CAUTION: Do not use machine 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals. Maximum 30 min massage recommended, if experiencing discomfort discontinue use immediately. Not recommended to use during pregnancy, high grade fever or any septic foci, unsettled medical conditions. Underage legal parent or guardian authority required.

One session of Shiatsu Deluxe Leg & Foot Massager [15 minutes session x 1] – $45 per session = $45.

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